Developed: September 2013 - May 2014
Tools used: Java, Android SDK, Blender

BrainSlice is an app designed to teach children about the brain, built as part of our Software Product Engineering unit. It was developed to the requirements of our client David Turk, a lecturer in Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol. The app comprises three main modes:

  1. Learn Mode: the user can navigate, rotate, and scale a 3D model of the brain, tapping individual sections to learn more (either displayed on-screen or narrated).
  2. Quiz Mode: once the user has played with the brain model, they can answer a series of questions about the brain to test their knowledge
  3. Window Mode: in this mode, the app functions as a window into the brain as the user moves their phone around someone's head, as if seeing through the skull. In both Learn Mode and Window Mode, the user can also toggle an x-ray option, allowing them to see the sub-cortical areas, and a colour map option, allowing them to easily differentiate between the different areas of the brain.

BrainSlice was built by a team of 6 over the course of the academic year, including pitching for this idea, deciding the software requirements specification with our client, to the final demo day. Brainslice is available on the Google Play store here.