Simon Says experiment

Developed: September 2013 - December 2013
Tools used: PHP, Javascript

As part of the second year unit Human Computer Interaction, I designed, built, ran, and analysed an experiment into the differences between physical and digital inputs, as part of a group of 4. The experiment we decided to run focused on a game of Simon Says, a game where the player has to memorise an increasingly long sequence of colours. Our hypothesis was that a player would be able to remember longer sequences when playing a physical version of the game compared to a digital version.

To test this, we had to build both a physical and a digital version, each consisting of 4 different colour LEDs with a corresponding coloured button. Each colour also had an associated sound tone. The physical version can be seen to the right, and the digital version is available here. The digital version was designed to be as similar to the physical version as possible. Both versions operated in the same way: a sequence of three LEDs would light up with the corresponding tones playing. The user would then have to press the buttons in the correct order. A new colour was added to the sequence each time, until the user entered the sequence incorrectly.

Our final report, including the analysis of the data and further experimental conditions, is available here.