Mood And Decision Making study

Developed: June 2015 - (ongoing)
Tools used: Javascript, PHP, jsPsych

During the summer of 2015, I worked on a psycophysical study, building on work done by Julie Lee, and supervised by Conor Houghton. The study was intended to examine the link between mood and decision making, with a focus on the effects of both legal and illegal drugs. To test this, I built a survey and experiment using jsPsych, a framework designed to create psychology experiments in the browser. The survey asked a range of questions, including measuring PANAS factors using a Likert scale. The experiment itself required participants to look at a set of moving dots and determine whether they were predominantly moving upwards or downwards as quickly as possible, gaining points for a correct answer until a certain threshold was met. Whilst some of the images were definitely moving largely up or down, a number of them were ambiguous; it was their responses to these that we were most interested in.

In order to create this experiment, I made a number of modifications to both the core jsPsych library and a number of its plug-ins, in addition to my own code. We are hoping to run this experiment with around 1000 participants through ProlificAcademic later this year.