Sound Invaders

Developed: 3rd March 2014
Tools used: Java, Android SDK, jPCT

During the development of BrainSlice, our team took a weekend out to take part in the CS society's annual Appathon event. In 26 hours, we created SoundInvaders from scratch, an arcade game for Android that lets you play with your music.

The concept of the game involves taking a song from the user's music library and creates a game based on the tempo and intensity of the song. As this was largely a proof of concept owing to the time constraints, we hard-coded a song - the then-popular Everything Is Awesome!, from the Lego Movie soundtrack.

Developing the game involved a number of different aspects, from the graphics (using the jPCT library) to the music playback and beat detection. The game wasn't released on the Google Play store due to potential copyright issues, but the APK is available for download here.