YOLO (for Glass)

Developed: June - September 2014
Tools used: Java, Android SDK, Glass GDK, C#, Xamarin

During my internship at The Technology Studio in 2014, I was let loose on their newly purchased Google Glass in order to make some proof of concept applications. The idea we settled on was "YOLO (for Glass)", a Glassware for use by speakers at a conference. The app hooks into the Twitter API, as well as a number of built-in system APIs, to allow the user to intuitively browse the search results for a given hashtag.

YOLO uses Glass's speech recognition interface to receive the hashtag to search for, the (then private) API for eye gesture detection to allow the user to move through tweets by winking, and Twitter4J for the Twitter integration. The app can be entirely controlled hands-free or using the touchpad.

I actually made this app twice: once in Java using the native SDK, and then again in C# using Xamarin. I blogged about the experience of developing on Google Glass for The Technology Studio here and here.