Sofa So Fast*

On Whiteladies Road, there are about seventeen different sofa shops. This is something I simply do not understand. One is called Sofas & Stuff, and whilst I can’t argue with the former, I take issue with “stuff”. My favourite, for a number of reasons, is The Sofa Library. First of all, I bet I’m not leaving there with twelve sofas and a maximum fine of £5.40 per sofa for not bringing them back. This would be bad enough, but on the window of The Sofa Library it boasts that it offers bespoke pieces, and that simply is not how libraries work. Have you ever walked into a library insisting they produce you a book wherein a short, blond, and dare I say boyishly handsome from the right angle young man saves the world just in time to continue an otherwise uninterrupted West Wing binge? I certainly haven’t. Not without security being called, at any rate.

All of these sofa shops (and, grudgingly, libraries) exist in harmony on one street in Bristol. I have so many questions. How are there enough people buying sofas on a regular cadence that even one of these shops can survive, let alone all of them? Who are these people? How do you even begin to decide which sofa shop (library) to purchase your sofa from?

How do you decide what TV series to binge, when there are so many to watch? Which albums to listen to, books to read, games to play? How do you decide what to write when there are so many things to write about, that you don’t even know where to start with any of them?

I guess you just write the first thing you can.


Sam Healer

Sam Healer

Software engineer. Occasional musician. Erstwhile comedian. Cultural omnivore.

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